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Welcome to the Online Hangover FAQ center.

Q: Why should I create an account?
A: You should create an account so that you can see the full posts with pictures and videos. Unauthenticated users can only see the limited information shown on the homepage.

Q: How can I recover my password?
A: The “Forgot Password” function, found on the login page, will allow you to recover your password using the email account you registered with.

Q: How can I see more posts by a user?
A: Click on a user’s username to see more posts by them.

Q: Can other users see my information?
A: Most of your information is private but users can see your username and gender.

Q: How can I reach someone at
A: You can reach us by email:, Twitter @onlinehangover, Facebook, or by using the Contact Us function of the website.

Q: Why has my post been removed?
A: If your post has been removed you should contact us, but it is most likely because it has violated the Terms of Use.

Q: How can I have a picture of myself removed from a post?
A: In the event that a photo of you has been posted in another user’s post, email us with a request to remove the photo and we’ll do it as soon as we can.

Remember, if your question doesn't appear in this list you can always Contact Us with your questions or concerns!

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